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Lloyd Truss Systems began in the early 1960's with a small staff of five employees in LeHiller MN. Truss designs were originally hand drawn and the forces were hand calculated to determine the gusset size and nailing schedule at joints.


When the demand for trusses grew, so did the company. In 1976, Lloyd Truss moved to its current North Mankato location on Commerce Drive. The staff grew to twenty employees during the summer season, and expanded its product lines.


As technology changed, the company progressed from manual drafting to computer aided designing, and from hand calculations, to computer truss designing software - ensuring structural engineered integrity in all our products.

With a solid reputation for consistent quality, the company went from building trusses for homes, garages and pole barns, to carving itself a niche by supplying both floor and roof trusses for some of the most complex homes, commercial projects and agricultural buildings in the area.


Lloyd Truss has since expanded to include a large dealer network that covers Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Contact us, and we will put you in touch with our partner dealers in your area.

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