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LLoyd Truss is known for our high-quality and consistent Floor & Roof truss manufacturing. Our experienced truss builders pride themselves at producing on-time jobs - at the highest standards.

Lloyd Truss Omni saw

The webs, top chords, and bottom chords for roof trusses are cut on the 5-bladed, Omni computerized saw.

Lloyd Truss floor jig

Floor Trusses

Top chords and bottom chords are cut on one of the Clary saws. Chords longer than twenty feet are pre--spliced to be plated together for the trusses final length. Floor trusses are assembled using the Alpine Floor Master floor truss jig.

Lloyd Truss roof table
Lloyd Truss roof table

Roof Trusses

Depending on the span, pitch, and height, the trusses are built on one of three flat roof truss jig tables.

Lloyd Truss Joe pit
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